"Wes has been our IT Technician for a number of years now and he really supports our needs as a charity, coming up with solutions and ideas to help us be more efficient and save money! Highly recommend Control Alt Delete IT."

"WES has been fantastic - very responsive and so helpful after our usual IT support failed miserably in terms of response and reliability. Really strongly recommend them"

"My wife and I are always so impressed by Wes's knowledge and ability to answer any and all problems. He is extremely helpful and so very patient with us oldies that we couldn't ask for anything more."

"Having pressed CTRL-ALT-DEL too many times, we've been successfully utilising the IT services of control alt delete for many years. I use them at home, across friends and family and in my business. Wes is a reliable, no nonsense professional who gets the job done with a few giggles along the way. Thanks guys!!"

"We've used Control Alt Delete to : supply and install a server, all our PCs, help with our office move, telecoms etc.
Recommended and honest"