Is getting admin done painful?

Could you be wasting valuable  hours every day? 

How much could you earn with that time?


Managed IT for small businesses and entrepreneurs who take action

Whether you’re just starting out or a large team across sites we can build an efficient IT network to keep everything running quickly, securely and where you need it.

Our clients are respected businesses and charities across Bolton, Manchester and our 5 star reviews and word of mouth recommendations make us the number 1 choice for IT Services to help your business.

Why you should trust us

Here at Control Alt Delete IT, we support countless businesses creating computer setups and solutions that are perfectly tailored to meet their specific needs.

The Cloud, Office 365, data backup, servers, email issues, general help and advice with speeding things up and moving forward with IT and computers, we’re all ears!

We offer ad-hoc support, and monthly support packages.

Based in and around the Bolton area, we’re here to help you assess where your IT systems currently are, plan for the future, and do the hard work for you. Please get in touch on 01942 790027.

Business Specialities

  • PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting

  • PC Upgrades and Repairs

  • Wireless Internet and Email

  • Regular maintenance checks

  • Anti-virus / Spyware Removal

  • Networking Solutions

  • Common PC problems – running slow, printer problems

  • All IT Services catered for!